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Agent Status

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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With the Agent Status, you will be able to see what each agent is working on in real time and how long they've been on that task. Note that the Agent Status feature updates every 30 seconds. You can also see Talks States and the duration they have been in that state. You can access the exact tickets your agents are in at that time by simply clicking on the ticket number. 

Note: The Agent Status feature is best used for monitoring what is currently happening. You can use the Agent Activity to view the intraday activity and Reports can be used for historical information.

IMPORTANT: Only admins will have access to this feature. If you want to see how to make someone an admin, please see Agent Permissions.

Access Agent Status

To access Agent Status:

  1. Hover over Agent Activity icon on the top navigation bar. 
  2. Then select Agent Status in the dropdown.

You can also use the shortcut CMD + K (Mac) or CTRL + K (Windows) and type Agent Status to access this feature. 

Sort in Agent Status

By default, the Agent Status feature will sort your agents by their default Zendesk Group. You can use the drop down on the top left corner and sort your agents by team, location or to just show all agents. Once sorted, you can expand and collapse the folders by clicking on the expand/collapse icon.

You can also sort based on all the columns present at the top of the page. With this, managers can quickly sort and identify situations where they might need to intervene. 

You can also use the search field to search for agents. The search field will use a search key with as little as one character and will return entries corresponding to the grouping criteria picked as well agent names that corresponds to the search expression used.



Filter in Agent Status

There are many ways you can filter in Agent Status. To look at the different filtering options, click on the filter icon on the top left of the page. You can use the filters to only monitor agents that are relevant to you. Once you have selected a filter, the filter icon will turn blue and you will see a blue dot by the filters used. Here are the different filtering options:

  • By Status - this will filter your agents based on their current activities whether they are in a workstream, paid general task or unpaid general task. These paid or unpaid general tasks can be set up within the General Task feature.
  • By Adherence Status - You can now filter based on the agents' adherence status. We all know how important it is to have agents who are following their schedules and with this new feature, users can easily filter their agents by adherence status and quickly identify those who are in or out of adherence. 
  • By agents (Hide) - you can filter agents who have no schedule and/or no activity. You can use this filter to filter out any agents without any schedule or activity so you can monitor only agents who are actively working at this specific time. 
  • Locations
  • Teams
  • Zendesk default group


Note: You can see next to the filtering options how many agents are being displayed at the moment such as this:  mceclip1.png

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