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Eugene Cheok
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Important: Users need to be assigned to workstreams before they can be assigned to Teams

Teams is a new way for you to manage your roster and an integral part of our Organization Structure set of features. With Teams, you'll be able to create multiple teams and assign agents and managers to them. Managers will be responsible for receiving and acting on agents' requests related to Time Off, Shift Trades (coming soon!), or any other requests that might come their way.

Note:  to access and modify Teams, you will need to have the Schedule - Manager (Full Access) permission enabled in tymeshift, check here how to do it.

Check out our product manager MJ walking through setup of Teams!

Access Teams

  1. Hover over the Admin section.
  2. Select Organization Structure.
  3. Scroll down and click on Teams:
    • If you do not have Teams you will see a prompt to create your first team (see section create teams for more information).
    • If you already have teams created you will see a list of all of the teams in your account and they are organized by creation date.

Create Teams

Note: Agents and Managers can be added to multiple teams.

  1. Click on Add team.
  2. Fill in the Team parameters in the popup window:
    • Choose a name for your team (*required).
    • Add a description for your team.
    • Choose a manager from the dropdown with the list of users (*required). You can write the name of the person you want to choose and it will narrow down the search. 
    • And finally, click on Edit users assigned to this team.
    • On this page, you will see all your users and on the top right corner, you can search for a user by name or use a filter to show users by Group, Location, Workstream, or Team.
    • Select the users and click Add.
  3. Your new team will appear at the end of the Teams list.

Edit Teams

To edit your existing Team, simply click on the pencil icon, which appears once you hover on the selected Team and make your changes. You can refer to the create team section for more information on each of the team set up parameters.

Delete Teams

To delete a team:

      1. Click on the pencil icon, which appears once you hover on the selected Team.
      2. Select the Delete team on the bottom left corner of the pop-up window.
      3. Confirm your decision by clicking Delete once more.

Reassign Teams

An easier way to reassign agents to different teams is here! You can now easily reassign agents to different teams without having to remove them from their original team. To reassign an agent to a different team: 

  1. Click on the new team you want the agent to be assigned to.
  2. Click on Edit users assigned to this team. 
  3. Hover over the agents you want to reassign to this team and you will see a reassign button appear.
  4. Click on Reassign for all agents you want to move and then apply. 
  5. Choose Done and your agent is now successfully reassigned to a new team. 



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