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Forecast Overview

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Forecast takes your historical data, based on Workstreams you have specified, and creates inbound volume estimates for up to a year in the future! Tymeshift even took it a step further by including Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) calculations that will show you how many staff members are required to handle the estimated workload.

The inbound volume forecast is based on the Prophet Forecasting Algorithm, and the FTE count forecast is based on a modified version of Erlang C. Our FTE calculations even allow you to enter your own Shrinkage % and Service Level Goals into the model as well! Oh and one more thing, you can export the volume and the FTE forecast to the CSV files, how neat is that!

You can find it on the top navigation bar in your Tymeshift web application; look for forecasting.png

Note: to access Forecast, you'll need to Admin permission which can be granted in Agent Permissions.


To learn more, make sure to check out additional articles in the Forecast help center section. 

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