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Why do I see unequal FTE counts in different views of the forecast?

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Sometimes when you’re looking at the forecast you will find that you see different FTE count numbers if you’re in the weekly view than if you’re in the monthly view.

For example, it can happen that you find that the highest number of FTE count is lower in the yearly view than the highest number of FTE count in the weekly view.

This is because the FTE count calculation takes into account the number of forecasted incoming tickets and produces an FTE count result.

The week view shows per hour and the corresponding FTE count however, the yearly view shows per week and the corresponding FTE count. 

Therefore, since within the week there’s a variation of FTE counts during different parts of the day, it’s normal that the sum of tickets is in fact lower than the peak. Therefore, during a period of time of 1 week with those tickets, it’s normal that the FTE count number is lower.

In the daily view, there can be peaks with a large number of tickets in a single hour, but it will average out during the length of the week. 

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