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Agent Schedule

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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We've created a way to enable your agents to have a complete view of their Schedules without the need to log out of their Zendesk environment. In the app, agents will be able to check what their current task is and what's coming up next for that day as well as the rest of their scheduled activities. Now, Agent Schedule is at their fingertips! 

Note: You cannot hide the Agent Schedule app, but if you opt out of using Schedule, the app in Zendesk will simply have no data.

Important: All users will have access to Agent Schedule by default, no further permissions are required.

 Access Agent Schedule 

To access the Agent Schedule feature, your agents will have to log in to their Zendesk account and our Agent Schedule feature will be located on the left sidebar. Simply click on the Tymeshift icon and it will reveal your Agent Schedule. 

Note: when agents will access their Schedule in Zendesk, Tymeshift tracking will switch them to Untracked time.

Navigate in Agent Schedule

In this section, you will learn what you can see and do in the Agent Schedule. Let's start with the top bar functions:

  • Left and right arrow¬†icons let you change the view to the previous or next week.
  • The calendar icon¬†allows you to choose the date you want to see in your weekly schedule view.
  • Today¬†will return you to the current week.
  • Refresh button will reload the schedule page and update schedule information.¬†

On the left side of your weekly schedule view, you will see:

  • The current date.
  • Now section¬†shows you a task that is assigned for the current time based on the set intraday (if your schedule is empty you should instead see a¬†No task¬†message).
  • Up Next¬†shows you the task you're supposed to work on next (if you have nothing scheduled for after you should see a¬†No task¬†message).

You will also be able to see a notification coming up when you need to change task. This notification will show up 5min before the task is supposed to change so you're aware and can start working on your next activity.

Requesting Time Off

  1. Look for the tymeshift schedule app on the left sidebar of your Zendesk.
  2. Click on the beach/palm tree icon located on the right of the schedule top bar.
  3. A message pops up in the middle of the schedule asking: "Select the shift you'd like to request time off for" and your past shifts disappear
  4. Now you can hover over the shift you'd like to ask time off for and click anywhere on it
  5. A modal pops up for you to fill in the details:
      a. Reason (required): you can choose the pre-defined reason for the time off.
      b. Start time (required): the time you're supposed to be off. Initially, it shows your entire shift, but you can change it.
      c. Duration (required): the duration for the time off.
      d. Message to Manager (optional): any additional info you want to send to your manager.
      e. You can then click to Request Time Off or Cancel the request
  6. Your request will be sent to your manager and you'll see it in the Pending Requests section
  7. Once it's approved it will show up in the Approved Time Off section and you'll also be able to see it marked on your schedule.
  8. If you want to cancel a pending or approved request you can do so by selecting the three dots next to the requested date and clicking on Cancel time off
  9. A pop shows up to ask you to confirm this and you can click on Cancel time off to delete the request or Cancel to cancel this action

Note: You can only request time off one shift at a time and for now it's not possible to request time off on days where you do not have a shift.

Note: Time offs will only be visibly up to 30 days in advance.

Timezone Picker

Schedules will default to the account timezone but agents in different locations can choose to set their own timezone to match where they are working from.

To do this, agents can simply select the timezone picker icon on the top right side of their schedule page within Zendesk and select the correct timezone they are in. Once selected, the schedules will then be reflected in the timezone selected. You can also favourite certain timezones you always use by clicking on the star next to the individual timezones. 

Note: The timezone picker here will only affect the individual agent schedule within their Tymeshift schedule app in Zendesk. 


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