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Time Off Management

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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The Time Off Management page allows managers to approve or deny any time off request sent from their agents. They'll also be able to re-open requests in case it's needed and to check who's off and when.

How it works

  1. On your tymeshift account, hover over the Schedule icon
  2. You can see below Schedule a new option for you to click on, Time Off Management
  3. Clicking on it will take you to the page to manage time off requests


Note: When scheduling time off for your agents, do note that the approved time off will be visible for them starting 30 days from the date of the time off. Example: If you schedule time off for your Agent on the 25th of June, the time off for them will be visible starting the 25th of May.

Users Sidebar

On your left, you can find a sidebar containing your teams and agents. You can search for a particular agent by writing their name or email address:

  • Clicking on an agent will allow you to see the requests only for that agent;
  • Clicking on a team shows you the requests for that team.

To go back and see all requests you just need to click on the team/agent that is selected.


Time Off Requests page

The requests page contains all the time off requests in your account. It has two tabs, that you can find on the top right corner of the screen, one for the Pending requests (for the requests that need to be approved or denied) and another for the Closed ones (for the requests that were already managed).

For the Pending section, you can see the following columns:


    • Requester: Name of the agent requesting the time off
    • Time off reason: The reason why the agent is taking time off (which can also contain a message from the agent or an internal note from another manager)
    • Shift: The shift The time off request belongs to (for now it's not possible to request time off for days when shifts are not generated)
    • Time off period: The hours of the day for the time off and the number of hours taken
    • Date requested: The day the request was made and with how many days in advance
    • Action: Approve, Deny the request immediately, or React with a comment which allows you to send a message to the agent or leave an internal note to other managers

For the Closed section, you have the exact same columns except for the Action one changes to Status. Here you can see if a request was approved or denied and who performed the action. You can also reopen the request in case you made a mistake, by hovering over a request, clicking on the three dots, and choosing the option you want:


  • Reopen which places the request back into Pending
  • Approve/Deny request which approves or denies the request, depending on the current status
  • Reopen & react with a comment which opens the modal again where you can send a message to the agent or leave an internal note

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