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Supported payment methods

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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We accept payments from multiple platforms to make it easy for our customers to pay in the way it is most comfortable. You can pay via methods including credit card, ACH, Bill.com, check, and wire transfers. If you have any questions regarding billing or if you would like to send a wire transfer in a different currency than US Dollars, please contact us at accounting@tymeshift.com.

To learn more about your invoices, please read this article.

Note: as of October 2019 Tymeshift LLC was converted to a Corporation - Tymeshift, Inc. With this change we are no longer issuing W9 forms.

Important: ACH, Bill.com, & wire transfer payments require invoice terms that are only offered to customers on an annual plan. Invoice payments are accepted via Credit card only if you agree to pay an extra 3% fee on your invoice charges. If you have any questions regarding billing please contact us at accounting@tymeshift.com

Credit card

  1. In the Tymeshift Web App, select Admin.
  2. Click on the Subscription and Billing in the dropdown.
  3. Select your desired plan and payment frequency (monthly or annually).
  4. Enter your credit card information.
  5. Click Subscribe.

Wire and ACH transfers

For wire and ACH payment instructions please contact accounting@tymeshift.com


If you use Bill.com for payments, you can find our vendor profile here or use this numerical 0193089813989708.

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