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Glossary of terms

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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As your favourite WFM and time tracking app, Tymeshift automatically tracks a variety of different types of time, including:

Important: for time to be automatically tracked, you will need to have Automatic Tracking enabled for agents on the Agent Permissions page.

Workstreams - think of workstreams as regular Zendesk channels but you can define exact channels and specific conditions. 

General Task Time - any time that is tracked on a General Task and not a specific Ticket. General Tasks are created to track an agent's time without them being clocked into a Ticket. Common uses for this include (but are not limited to), administrative work (social media, meetings, etc.) and breaks. 

Note: your agents will have to clock themselves manually into a General Task. They can do so in the Tymeshift App in Zendesk.

Untracked Time - any time that is not tracked towards either a specific Ticket or General Task.  


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