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How does Agent Activity tracking work?

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Tymeshift can automatically track all of the time that agents spend in Zendesk. By default, Automatic tracking is enabled for everyone. However, if you wish to turn it off for some agents and use Manual tracking instead, you can do so in Agent Permissions.

How Automatic tracking works

With Automatic tracking on, Tymeshift will take care of time and attendance management for most of your workflows. The first activity that the agent does for the day will automatically clock them in and start their day. Agents can also manually start and end their days

Every activity your agent does inside of Zendesk, such as working on Tickets, Chat, and Calls will automatically be tracked. If your agents do work outside of Zendesk, we suggest you create General Tasks for them to clock into. This will prevent them from having big blocks of Untracked Time.


Enable Automatic tracking

Note: Automatic tracking is enabled by default for all agents. In order for automatic tracking to behave correctly the agents' browser options must allow our website to access Cookies/Local Storage. If there are restrictions for this on the browser level please review your Security & Privacy Settings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Tymeshift WebApp.
  2. Click on Admin.
  3. Click on Agent Permissions.
  4. Select an agent.
  5. Check the Automatic Tracking option.

Important: please make sure to refresh your Zendesk after the changes are made for any of the Zendesk permissions, such as Automatic tracking, for the changes to take effect.

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