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Install Tymeshift for Zendesk Support

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Ready to get started with the workforce management tools your team will love? You can choose if you want to start the Tymeshift Trial from the Zendesk Marketplace or from our page. Follow the steps below to complete your Tymeshift installation and enjoy our amazing features!

Set up Tymeshift from Zendesk

The first step is to install Tymeshift in your Zendesk account:

  1. Find Tymeshift in the Zendesk Marketplace.
  2. Click the Install button.
  3. Select your Zendesk Support account.
  4. Click Install again.
  5. Enable any desired Role or Group Restrictions (make sure your Zendesk user is within the group or roles you have given access to Tymeshift app).
  6. Click Install.

Important: Quicktab extension is necessary to track all events accurately and track time efficiently.

Now that you have successfully installed Tymeshift, you need to set up your Tymeshift account:

  1. Click on the Tymeshift icon in the top-right in your Zendesk Support window.
  2. Click the link that says Complete Installation.
  3. Select Allow.
  4. Enter your contact details.
  5. Click the button that says Create my Tymeshift Account.

Congratulations, your account has been created, and you are all set!

Set up Tymeshift from our website

  1. To get started, visit our page.
  2. Click on Try Now.
  3. Enter your Zendesk URL, agree to Tymeshift's Terms of Service, and click Continue.
  4. Provide contact details and click Save Account Details.
  5. Log into Tymeshift using your Zendesk credentials.
  6. In Zendesk Support, click Apps in the top right.
  7. Click Reload Apps for Tymeshift to appear.

And that's it - you've installed Tymeshift, and you can now track your team.

Note: having trouble? Try these helpful tips!

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