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Tymeshift App in Zendesk Support

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Once you have installed Tymeshift app for Zendesk Support, the Tymeshift app will appear in 3 different locations. 

Tymeshift App within your Zendesk

On the top left of the page, you will see the Tymeshift app. This app will allow your agents to start and end their day. In addition to that, they will see the clock which will show how much time they are on a specific task and will allow agents to also clock into General Tasks created. If you have the Task Lock enabled for agents, they can access this feature next to the timer app as well. 




Tymeshift app within the ticket sidebar

The Tymeshift app within the ticket sidebar does not have a timer and will only show a link to the Agent Schedule within Zendesk (Same as the view below). 



Tymeshift app within the left sidebar in Zendesk

The Tymeshift app on the left sidebar will house the Tymeshift Agent Schedule. From here you can see your weekly schedule and request for time off as well. For Enterprise plans, if the Google Calendar Integration is enabled, you can connect your own schedule to your Google Calendar from here. 


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