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How to use Zendesk Role and Group restrictions?

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Role and Group restrictions are Zendesk features that are designed to allow only a subset of your agents (such as only admins or a specific Zendesk Group) to use a particular app. Many times during the initial installation of a new app, administrators will enable the app only for a selected Group. 

Tymeshift works best when it's enabled for all agents because this allows you to monitor and view reports for everyone. If tymeshift isn't working for some of your agents, it's possible that Role or Group restrictions were enabled when the app was installed. 

To disable Role and Group restrictions simply do the following:

  1. Go to Admin Center inside of your Zendesk account.
  2. Look for Apps and Integrations within the left side panel. 
  3. Click on the Tymeshift icon.
  4. Uncheck the Enabled box next to Role and Group restrictions. 


Important: removing access for specific users by using Role restrictions does not prevent that agent from accessing the tymeshift WebApp. This setting only controls whether or not the Tymeshift App is visible to an agent within Zendesk. To learn how to deactivate an agent in Tymeshift, check out this article.

Want to learn more? You can find out more about Role/Group Restrictions for Zendesk Apps in Zendesk's Help Center article.

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