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How can I rename my Tymeshift domain after I changed it in Zendesk?

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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If you are renaming your Zendesk subdomain, you have to also rename your subdomain on Tymeshift to ensure the accounts match and your historical data and settings are intact. 

Important: once the subdomain has been renamed on the Zendesk side and not yet renamed on Tymeshift, the app on the top right of Zendesk will show complete installation message. It is imperative you do not continue with the new installation as it will create a new Tymeshift account. 

Here are the steps needed to rename your Tymeshift subdomain: 

  1. Once you have renamed your Zendesk subdomain, reach out to support@tymeshift.com with your previous Zendesk subdomain and your new renamed subdomain details.
  2. Our support teams will take the necessary steps to get your subdomain name changed on our side. 
  3. Once the subdomain has been changed on our end, our support team will reach back out confirming it has been changed and will ask you to follow the steps to reauthorize the account again. 

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