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How to install a Tymeshift Sandbox Account?

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
  • Updated

If you are an Enterprise plan customer, then you can request a Sandbox Account for testing purposes. 

In order to set up your Sandbox Account, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Zendesk Sandbox Account.
  2. Look for Tymeshift in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace
  3. Click the install button in the Apps Marketplace.
  4. When prompted, select your Zendesk Sandbox Account insteadof your Production Account. Your Sandbox Account will have a series of random numbers at the end of it. It will look something like abcorp832327.zendesk.com.
  5. Open Tymeshift in Zendesk and follow the instructions to complete the setup of your Tymeshift Sandbox Account. 
  6. Copy the URL of your Zendesk Sandbox account and email this URL to support@tymeshift.com.
  7. Once you receive a notification from our team that your account is set up, you can install your Sandbox Account.

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