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Generate a HAR file and Console logs

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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During troubleshooting, our customer service team might need to get more information about the network requests that your browser is generating. If we ask you to provide Console logs and a HAR file, the details below will help you to get the correct informtion using Google Chrome.

If you do not already have Google Chrome installed, download it here and install it.

Note: please record your screen while gathering the information so we can follow the steps that you took and accurately reproduce the issue.

To generate a HAR file and Console logs in Chrome, please do the following:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to the page where you are experiencing the issue.
  3. Select View > Developer > Developer Tools in the Chrome menu bar.
  4. Go to the panel that opened on your screen and select the Network tab.
  5. Look for a round Record button Image_2022-11-03_at_11.30.51_AM.jpg in the upper left corner of the Network tab, and make sure it is red. If the button is gray, click it once to start recording.
  6. Check the box next to Preserve log.
  7. Click the Clear button Image_2022-11-03_at_11.31.17_AM.jpg to clear any existing logs from both, Network and Console tabs.
  8. Attempt to reproduce the issue that you were experiencing before. Now the network requests are being recorded so our team can see what happens. 
  9. Right-click anywhere on the Console tab grid (in the list of the logs).
  10. Click Save as and save the file to your computer. 
  11. Right-click anywhere on the grid of network requests (list of logs) in the Network Tab. 
  12. Click Save as HAR with Content, and save the file to your computer. 

Important: please upload the HAR file and Console log file to your tymeshift ticket or attach it to your email so that our team can take a look. Don't forget to add the screen recording as well!


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