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Clear your cache and cookies

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok

We are always working on updates, improvements, and added functionalities for Tymeshift (just check our Release Notes)! These changes can cause your cache and cookies to become outdated. Once they are outdated, unwanted behavior can occur when you work in Tymeshift.

Therefore, a very common troubleshooting recommendation is clearing your cache and cookies and hosted app data for all time period. This will solve most issues regarding loading and formatting. Clearing your cache and cookies can also solve a wide range of other issues, so it's usually the first troubleshooting step that we recommend. 

Note: cookies are used to store information to track different user characteristics, such as user preferences. A cache is used to make webpages load faster, and it also keeps resource files such as audio, video, and Flash files.

Please click on the browser you are using below to see how to clear your cache and cookies.

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