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Business Hours for Forecast

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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In this article, you will learn how to specify the business hours you would like Tymeshift to forecast for.

  1. Open Forecast in Tymeshift.
  2. This step is optional: Choose the Day view (any other view you will not visually notice the impact of applying business hours as much).
  3. Choose the Workstream you want to apply business hours to.
  4. To the right, under Staffing Parameters, you will see a checkbox named Availability. Click this to turn on.
  5. Once on, you will be able to select your business hours and click Save. The forecast will recalculate to the newly set business hours.
  6. To turn off, simply uncheck the box and save. This will automatically recalculate the forecast.

Note: You can apply the business hours in any view (Day, Week or Month) and it will be applied to that workstream. We recommend doing it in day view to have the best view of how adding the business hours preference changes your staffing within those constraints. The forecast will automatically recalculate once you click on Save.

Important: For chat and voice channels, the volume outside of these business hours will not be counted. This means that the volume outside of the availability hours will not be considered when calculating staffing requirements within the availability window. With Email on the other hand, the email channel will sum up the volume outside of the availability hours and consider as if it came in the first second of the availability hours and its SLA started at that point. 


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