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Business Hours for Forecast

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
  • Updated

In this document, you will learn how to specify the business hours you would like Tymeshift to forecast for.

  1. Open Forecast in Tymeshift
  2. [Optional] Choose the Day view (any other view you will not visually notice the impact of applying business hours as much)
  3. Choose the Workstream you want to apply business hours to
  4. To the right, under Staffing Parameters, you will see a checkbox named Availability. Click this to turn on.
  5. Once on, you will be able to select your business hours and click Save. The forecast will recalculate to the new business hours.
  6. To turn off, simply uncheck the box and save. This will automatically recalculate the forecast.

Note:You can apply the business hours in any view (Day, Week or Month) and it will still apply to all, it is just best visually to do this by day.

Note:You do not have to recalculate when turning this on and off. Once you hit Save, it will automatically recalculate.

Note:Currently, we cannot exclude certain days or change the hours on different days. Depending on the feedback we receive from this first iteration, this may be something we explore in the future.


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