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Login Options

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok

Once you've installed Tymeshift, you can choose how you'd like to access it from the login options below.

Note: if you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking Forgot password? on the login page. Once you've reset your password, you can sign into Tymeshift using your email address and newly reset password. 

Authentication within Zendesk

Put simply, when a user logs into Zendesk, they also receive permission to access the Tymeshift App via the Zendesk Application Framework. This authentication is controlled entirely within Zendesk.

Tymeshift's Zendesk App does not require authentication for individual users inside of Zendesk. Tymeshift detects the user that is logged in via Zendesk's API. The user who is logged in is authenticated using whichever login method(s) you have enabled in Zendesk (Zendesk Local Login, SAML, etc.).

Important: above applies strictly to accessing the Tymeshift application in Zendesk, however to login to Tymeshift Web App, you will need to choose one of the two options below - Google SSO or a local login.

Google single sign-on

Tymeshift supports Google single sign-on and if you wish to sign in using Google, just click the Sign in with Google button on your account's Tymeshift login page (for example, https://your-company.tymeapp.com).


When you opt to use Single sign-on with Google to login to your Tymeshift account, you'll be granting Tymeshift the following access:

  • View your basic profile information.
  • View your email address.
  • Know who you are on Google.

Essentially, this means that Tymeshift can see your email address and name. This allows the application to know who you are, and that your email address matches an authorized Tymeshift user, and thus allows you to log in.  

Important: if you can not log in to Tymeshift with your Google SSO and you need to change the password, you'll have to do it through your Google account as the Forgot Password option in Tymeshift will not be able to rest your Google SSO password.

Local login

Alternatively, you may also log in using your local username and password for your Tymeshift account.

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