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Shift Trades

Vojislav Kosijer
Vojislav Kosijer
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Shift trades provide an efficient way for employees to trade their shifts and manage their time. Giving employees the freedom to quickly and efficiently swap Shifts ensures adequate service coverage and frees up some of the manager's time.

Let's learn how to enable the feature and set it up;


  • Step 1: Go to Tymeshift Web App and under the Schedule icon, choose Shift Trade Management
  • Step 2: Click on the settings icon (on the right side beside Pending/Closed) and enable Shift Trades
  • Step 3: In Tymeshift's app, go to the Tymeshift icon on the left and click on the shift trade icon (beside the vacation icon):
  • Step 4: You will now see Trade your shift and Shift pool;

                   Trade Shift is where you submit a request to trade

                   Shift Pool is where you can see all currently available trades

In the section below, you will learn how to Trade your Shift;

  • Click Trade Your Shift
  • Select the date of the shift you want to trade
  • Choose who you want to make it visible to. This can be just a single person, to everyone, to one team or location.
  • Choose your Ideal return shift date. This will show those considering taking your shift your preference for a swap date.
  • Click Send Trade Request
  • You will now see this on the left side of your screen in Tymeshift's App within Zendesk, under Time off requests as "Requested"

Important: Depending on who you selected to view your trade, this will now be visible for others to pick the trade up and they will also receive an email notifying them of the available trade. If you selected everyone, team, or location, everyone in those will be able to see this. If you selected only one person, only that person will see the trade.

The agent picking the trade up can now go into Shift Pool to see the available trades. If you selected everyone, team, or location, everyone in those will be able to see this. If you selected only one person, only that person will see the trade.


With that, you have added your shift to the trade pool - congratulations!

Here's the process of taking a shift trade;

  • The agent that wants your trade can see this in Shift Pool and click "Take It"
  • Now they are able to view the preference you set for a receiving shift and offer one of theirs.

  • They will then select the date they want to offer & click "Send your offer"

  • They will be able to see it as "Waiting for (name of agent) to accept" on the left side in Tymeshift's App. This will also generate an email to the agent they are submitting the trade to.
  • The agent that originally entered the trade will see "(Agent Name) wants to take your shift" on the left side in Tymeshift's App and a Review button will appear.
  • Click Review. You are now able to Accept or Reject their offer. If you accept, your schedules will both update. If you reject, your shift will go back into the Shift Pool.

Important: While your request is in the review phase, no other agents can view the trade until the trade is rejected and back in the Pool.

If Accepted, the trade will now go to the manager for approval. Manager may then Accept, Deny or React with a comment to your request. Agents will receive an email letting you know the manager's decision.

Below you will find two helpful examples with different Trade scenarios, and what to expect:

  1. Shift Trade for the same day: In this case, agents will trade their shifts in 1:1 trade - both their shifts on the same day will be replaced with traded ones and will appear on their schedule within Tymeshift's app as soon as Manager approves the trade:

    Agent A has a shift on the 25th of the Month, and Agent B has a shift on the same day.
    Agent A wants to trade his shift on the 25th, Agent B offers to take the trade if Agent A works his    shift on the same day
    Shift Trades are processed by both agents and approved by their Manager
    Shifts will then become official and visible in the agent's schedule.

  2. Shift Trade for different days: This scenario involves agents trading their shifts on different days, and how this interacts with their schedules for the days affected.

    • Agent A has a shift on the 25th of the Month. Agent B has a shift on the 31st
    • Agent A wants to trade shift on the 25th of the Month;
    • Agent B offers to work shift on the 25th, if Agent A works shift on the 31st
    • Agents process the trade request, and the manager approves
    • Now Agent A doesn't have a shift on the 25th because that’s what Agent B agreed to work
    • Agent B doesn’t have a shift on the 31st because that’s what Agent A agreed to work

    Important: We remove these shifts as the platform doesn't want to assume work planned for those agents, and we offer Managers the freedom to adjust the agent's shifts accordingly. 


Here's a great video walkthrough of the feature that offers additional context and setup information:




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