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Multitasking (Closed Early Access)

Eugene Cheok
Eugene Cheok
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Below you will find some information on the current multitasking feature while in early access.

Important: Please note this feature is in Early Access. This is not the final version and the features may change once this is released. 

General Information

  • To schedule a combined workstream, you must update the intraday on the actual shift template in locations for this to take effect. If you create a combined workstream, this will not automatically update or schedule if not added to the shift template.
  • Let's say you create a combined workstream with Chat, Voice, and Tickets. Agent A is assigned to all three individual workstreams, but Agent B is assigned to only Chat and Tickets.
    In this scenario, we still allow Agent B to work on that combined workstream. Agents will be scheduled to work on a combined workstream if they're assigned to at least one of the individual workstreams inside.


Combined workstreams do not show up in the staffing panels (bottom) of the schedule page. Instead the calculation at the bottom of the schedule is as follows:
For each interval, we take the FTE of a combined workstream and the FTE of individual workstreams and calculate the coefficient. After that, we take the scheduled number for multitask, and apply the coefficient to get the scheduled number for individual workstreams.


  • We do not report on combined workstreams. On reports and agent activity you will see time allocated to each specific workstream that agent actually worked on. The combined workstream in this case is used to properly define the adherence.
  • Combined workstreams will show on all reports except Forecast vs. Actual.
  • On Dashboards we will only show them on the Happening Now widgets. They are expected to be added to other widgets at a later time.
  • The combined workstreams will be showing but no metrics will be calculated at this time to consider the weighted adherence, occupancy, etc. At the moment, we are not reporting based on the multiple workstreams.



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