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Scheduling report exports

Samuel Velho
Samuel Velho
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With Tymeshift reporting, you can generate reports to gain insight into various metrics and analyze workforce performance.

From the Reports page, you can schedule exports of your reports. Report exports are sent by email in CSV format and can be scheduled to be generated once or you can specify a recurring schedule, such as every 2 weeks on Monday morning. By scheduling report exports, you and your team can receive your reports automatically.

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Creating scheduled report exports

To schedule report exports

  1. Hover over the reports icon in the navigation bar, then click Reports.
  2. Select the report template you want to schedule for export or create a new report.
  3. Click the Scheduled exports icon in the upper right corner, then click the plus sign (+) icon.
    Alternatively, hover over the report template and click the three dots icon. Then select Schedule CSV export.
  4. Enter a unique Schedule name.
  5. Click in the Recipients field and select one or more users who should receive the report.
    The recipients you select will receive a CSV export of the report by email.
  6. To schedule the report export once, set the following:
    • In the Generate on field, use the date picker to select a date.
    • Select the at what time to generate the export.
    • Pick the date range to include data from.

  7. To schedule a recurring report, slide theĀ Recurrent schedule setting on and then set the following:
    • In theĀ Repeat every field, set the frequency that you want generate the export. For example, every 2 weeks.
    • In theĀ  OnĀ field, select which day or days you want to receive the generated report export.
    • Select the time of day.
    • Set the With data from previous setting. For example, include the data from one week before.
  8. ClickĀ Schedule.
    After you schedule a report export, your report templates display a schedule icon next to their name in the sidebar. Hover over the icon to view when the next report export is scheduled to generate.

Editing and deleting scheduled report exports

To edit or delete a scheduled report export

  1. Hover over the reports icon in the navigation bar, then click Reports.
  2. Locate the report template that has a scheduled report export you want to delete or edit.
    Reports with scheduled exports display a schedule icon next to their name in the sidebar.
  3. Click the report.
  4. In the Scheduled CSV exports side bar, click the three dots icon.
  5. SelectĀ EditĀ to open the menu to edit the export.Ā 
    Edit as needed and then clickĀ Schedule.
  6. Select Delete to delete the scheduled export.
    Confirm that you want to delete the scheduled export by clickingĀ Delete template.

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